SUNYCDO Membership Application

Please fill out your information below to join/renew your SUNY CDO membership.
Membership is open to two-year and four-year college and university center employees engaged in career services for students and/or graduates of SUNY.

Job responsibilities of college members must be in an area of career services as defined below (the list is illustrative and not exclusive).  At institutions where an individual is assigned multiple responsibilities, a person is eligible if the person is designated with responsibility for any of the following:
  • career and life planning/counseling with students and/or alumni;
  • administration of experienctial education programs (i.e. internships, cooperative education;
  • teaching or developing career development courses;
  • the supervision of staff who render the above services;
  • those who are prior members of this association or it's predecessors, who have a continued interest in the career services functions and who submit a statement indicating the nature of their interest, subject to approval by the Board.
Graduate student members shall neither vote nor hold office.  When a student completes degree requirements, student membership ends.
Membership will start with the commencement of the Annual Conference (or whenever a member joins at any point during the membership year) and end with the start of the next Annual Conference.

Membership will open in January 2018.


Regular/Grad Student Membership Application

Institutional Membership Application


Members looking for a current membership directory can contact Mallory Bower, member relations.